Rationalizing but not optimizing? How cutting-edge IT leaders are maximizing application portfolio management

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March 25, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. EST

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Rationalizing but not optimizing? How cutting edge IT leaders approach portfolio management to maximize impact

Making continuous rationalization and modernization of your IT landscape easier will have immediate impact on your ability to support the daily needs of your internal innovators. Executives are eager to shift more budget toward innovation. Are you delivering the data they need to make informed decisions about which applications to shift budget away from, and which applications invest in?



Join us for this live webinar where we'll examine these issues and illustrate how our solution can help you get visibility into your IT landscape from a business perspective. We'll cover topics including how to:

  • Inventory your applications 
  • Decommission your applications 
  • Understand and mitigate risks arising from technology obsolescence
  • Quickly realize value using out-of-the-box integrations and APIs, reports, and dashboards

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Our webinar includes a demonstration of HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and will include a live Q&A at the end. 

Webinar speakers

Yannick Rudloff

Yannick Rudloff

VP & Managing Director, North America Operations

MEGA International

Nicholas Hatfield

Nicholas Hatfield

Pre-Sales Engineer

MEGA International

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