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The combined pressures of Digital Transformation, Agility @ Scale and advances in AI, DevOps, and IoT are creating a rapid rate of change for customers and employees. Tune in and hear from Michael Sioufas from McKinsey, Gordon Cooper from MEGA, and Paul Preiss, IASA’s Founder, as they evaluate the impact of these changes to enterprise, business, and solution architecture now and in the future.

Architects are finding themselves in increasing demand and IASA and MEGA are working together to help them understand the evolving nature of their roles as they move forward. 
This expert panel tackles answering the following pressing questions:

  • What does modern EA look like and how has it changed over the last decade?
  • What methods and techniques are in play to scale agile architecture at the enterprise level?
  • How does a customer/employee centric culture impact enterprise architecture? 
  • How are today’s EAs working with solution, business, infrastructure, and cloud architects?
  • How has digital transformation and COVID-19 changed the practice and what should we be focused on in the next 6-12 months?
  • What technologies and patterns are at the forefront of innovation in the modern enterprise? 

Listen to a deeply informative discussion filled with practical advice from this panel of thought leaders with unique insight into enterprise architecture around the globe.


Meet the speakers!

MEGA Speaker

Michael Sioufas

Director of Enterprise Architecture

McKinsey & Company

MEGA Speaker

Gordon Cooper

Director of North American Consulting and Customer Success

MEGA International

Paul Preiss

CEO and Chairman

IASA Global

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