The Open Group July Conference

July 19-21 | Virtual conference

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Open Group and Open Digital Standards!

MEGA is a sponsor of this event and is presenting the session, "Using composability to drive flexibility, speed, and resilience."

One lasting learning from the past year is that businesses that were able to pivot quickly could accelerate investment and strengthened their resiliency. Pivoting quickly is made possible by having a composable business made from interchangeable building blocks.

Imagine being able to take apart a spaceship and rebuild it as a castle using the same building blocks, or more relevantly, take apart a dishwasher and rebuild it as a ventilator. Enterprise architects are the ideal people to lead this effort given the knowledge already derived from architecting the enterprise.

Hear from MEGA's Yannick Rudloff and Raashi Bhatnagar to learn how enterprise architects can be key contributors to composable thinking using modular thinking and applying it to business and technology capabilities.

Meet the speakers! 


MEGA Speaker Webinar speaker

Yannick Rudloff

VP & Managing Director

MEGA International

Raashi Bhatnagar

Pre-Sales Engineer

MEGA International

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