6 Steps to Building a Business Case for Enterprise Architecture

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Need Help Convincing Executives to Invest in Enterprise Architecture?

6 Steps for Building a Business Case for EA

This fill-in-the-blank workbook provides 6 essential steps to guide you in building a business case for enterprise architecture at your organization:

  • Understand your organization's goals
  • Define where you are
  • Identify your decision makers and stakeholders
  • Create your value statements
  • Show how EA drives transformation for others
  • Demonstrate the value of EA and ways to measure it


You know that digital business transformation can deliver the capabilities your company needs to manage complexity. You also know that your company could be the smartest and most innovative among its competitors. But how do you convince executives to fund your EA initiative for the way to get there?

With competing priorities and limited budgets, how do you persuade key stakeholders that an investment in EA will help the company tackle everyday challenges and propel it into the future?

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