The ROI of Business-Outcome-Driven Enterprise Architecture

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Maximize the ROI of your enterprise architecture initiative to support digital transformation

ROI of Enterprise Architecture

In the digital era, every business project is an IT project, and there’s now pressure on IT to enable and support digital transformation. By implementing an enterprise architecture program, organizations can tackle this challenge, but it can be perceived as being too long and requiring lots of manual work while producing limited value.

So, how can you maximize the ROI of your enterprise architecture initiative to support and enable digital transformation?

The answer: A business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture, based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

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  • Optimal cost savings as well as application rationalization, an improved visibility into the IT landscape and a reduction of complexity.
  • Risk reduction in many areas of your organization including technology obsolescence risks, shadow IT and non-compliance risks.
  • Shortened time-to-market by providing development teams with reference architecture models to avoid potential rework due to a misalignment with defined standards and IT policy.
  • Business-IT Alignment by connecting technology with business goals to enable a better planning of future IT investments.

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