Practical guide:
Key steps to implement an effective data governance program

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This practical guide will provide an effective methodology to leverage HOPEX Data Governance to:

  • Discover,  document,  classify,  and  manage  metadata  to  automatically  conduct  data  cataloging and build a business glossary
  • Accelerate compliance with direct access to regulatory monitoring
  • Enable innovation federating business and data office knowledge in a central tool

Establishing an effective data governance program requires a comprehensive and collaborative solution to quickly document data, build its reliability, and facilitate communication across the organization.

Discover in this eBook the three-step approach to implement a strong data governance program:

Key steps to implement an effective data governance program

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About MEGA International

MEGA International is a global SaaS software company headquartered in Paris (France) with offices in 10 countries. The company develops leading software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Data Governance to guide organizations in their business transformation initiatives.

To support transformation as a collaborative effort that requires people to “see the bigger picture” on how organizations operate, MEGA created a single SaaS platform, HOPEX, that connects IT leaders, process owners, risk managers and data governance officers. The solution provides a single repository to help them collect, visualize, analyze, and communicate information to better plan and adapt to change.

With 350 multicultural dynamic employees, MEGA provides software in large companies and supports more than 2000 clients in 52 countries especially in financial industry, public sector, and energy.