Practical guide:
Align IT systems to business needs

This practical guide will present you how to plan, optimize and transform your IT for improved business outcomes leveraging an effective methodology and IT Business Management tool. Download your free copy and learn:

  • How  to improve IT strategic planning using a strategic roadmap to plan future business capabilities and their related IT investments
  • How to get visibility into IT assets and respond to questions faster with high quality
  • How to get the right insights to monitor project success and demonstrate business value.

Discover in this eBook the three-step approach:

3-step approach to align IT systems to business needs

About HOPEX IT Business Management

Enable and support business transformation by aligning your company’s IT roadmap to its key strategic business objectives. Use HOPEX IT Business Management tool to design business architecture and create a strategic roadmap where you can plan future business capabilities and their related IT investments.

Optimize your current IT portfolio for cost, lifecycle, and agility. Realize quick time to value using out-of-the-box integrations to instantly upload your IT assets and then monitor ongoing performance using a customizable KPI dashboard.

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About MEGA

Founded in 1991, MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader for over ten years. The company partners with customers to improve governance and accelerate transformation by leveraging technology. MEGA helps companies better analyze how they can operate and make the right decisions to accelerate the creation of value. The HOPEX Platform connects business, IT, data and risks perspectives in a single place that integrates across an entire company’s ecosystem. The MEGA Services team partners with customers to deliver projects with a pragmatic approach.