Agile Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Age

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A New Agile Enterprise Architecture Framework

The Open Group Agile Enterprise Architecture

The effectiveness of agile processes is too often put at risk because the enterprise architecture and organizational pre-requisites of agility are neglected. This document on the Agile Architecture Framework (AAF), develops a vision to solve these problems:

  • Current Enterprise Architecture practices are perceived as antipatterns of a lean and agile culture
  • Classical architecture governance models lose relevance when shifting from large programs toward multiple autonomous teams

The emergence of "Agile @ scale"

To embrace the constant changes in the digital age, enterprises need a new agile enterprise architecture framework to help them succeed in their transformation activities. The Agile Architecture Framework (AAF) meets the needs of the digital enterprise to have a new enterprise architecture framework.

This white paper issued by the Open Group has been collaboratively written by several Open Group members, including Antoine Lonjon, Chief Innovation Officer at MEGA International.

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